Propose Your Campaign Strategy through iPad Mockup

Campaign strategies proposed through a mockup. Sounds like a novel idea? Maybe because it is! Most campaign strategies are proposed through PowerPoint and SlideShow. But you can’t get ahead if you don’t offer something innovative. Try something new and make your candidate a winner with a free PSD mockup from UX Planet

The website features a lineup of free iPad mockup templates that are usually perfect to showcase your app. It is a great frame to show off your digital product or digital marketing strategies. It is not something that people usually use to create campaign strategies. But since it is election season, why not take advantage of it? 

While it may not be the same as showing off digital products, an iPad mockup is actually an amazing way to present digital marketing strategies. A campaign is definitely a marketing strategy. Also, a large part of the political campaign is definitely going digital. President Donald Trump is active on social media, particularly Twitter. All the top Democratic candidates are very active on social media.

The benefit of using the iPad mockup

First of all, when you hear something attached to politics, there is already that negative connotation. So using the iPad mockup will definitely work to your advantage. It is something different and it is something that hasn’t been tainted with politics.  

Politics is such an old game. It has been played for centuries. It is time to offer something totally different for a very old tradition. The novelty of it all will be very attractive. On the other hand, there is also that big question of WHY? Well, let’s see how it could work…

Social media is the name of the game

No one should join politics without social media presence. The moment a person thinks about ever joining politics, they should immediately start creating their social media accounts. But this may not be that much of a problem considering that a lot of the people are already on social media. So the fight now is on how to use those platforms in order to gain political advantage. 

So you offer your social media strategy through the iPad Pro PSD mockup. The great thing about it is that the device itself will speak to a lot of professionals. The iPad Pro, as opposed to the iPad Mini, is more of the device for the professionals. Just to be clear, the target audience for political campaigns is not limited to the professionals. But this is a strategic proposal. You are creating a political campaign proposal to a team that will be running the actual campaign of the candidate. The team is composed of professionals who are the think tank of the candidate. 

Your iPad mockup will showcase the main look of the social media campaign. The most important thing is the right photo. Of course, you can’t use your casual photo when you are running for office. It is called an office because people have an expectation that the candidate will look formal and corporate. Also, while you have to prepare one major photo to become your profile in social media platforms, you also have to prepare a photo-based campaign. When you do that, a clay mockup will be the best bet because it is not dependent on stylistic elements. So you really just throw your high-resolution photos out to become the highlight.

Posting management

After you got the major issues out, you need to go into the details. One of the more important things you have to consider is how you manage social media with its many elements. You have the issue-based Twitter and Facebook, as well as the photo-based Instagram. There is also the website that the campaign can optimize for fund-raising and other stuff. 

For the website, the best way to demonstrate your design is through the devices mockup. This is a great type of mockup because it shows all the Apple devices: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Sometimes the Apple Watch is also thrown into the mix. This is perfect at showcasing the difference among all screens. It will definitely show off the versatility of your website. The website design doesn’t necessarily have to look the same in all screens. The website just needs to look great in every screen. 

Now you have to showcase how to update all platforms. Again, the devices mockup will be great for this kind of campaign. But you can also do the perspective mockup. As the name suggests, it basically shows the different perspective. In presenting digital outputs, the perspective mockup is great at showcasing details. But in the campaign presentation, it could show the different social media perspectives. 

Demonstrating posts

The meat of the campaign will have to be the content, which will be best showcased through the iPad and iPhones mockup. When you do a digital marketing strategy, it is a given that you are targeting online activity. The iPad and the iPhone are the most mobile among all Apple devices so they work really well in promoting social media activities. 

Using the free iPad mockup shows realism. It will give the campaign team a glimpse of how the digital strategy will look in the real world. The use of the mobile devices will certainly show realism. That is exactly why people work with mockups because they are the closest thing to the real deal. People need to see something tangible before they buy. That is also the reason why it is so important to show off a really neat presentation. 

Another great thing about the mockup is that it is really easy to create. It is easy in the sense that there are mockup templates on the internet. All you have to do is to download the vector mockup and make it your own by editing it and inserting your own content.  Your focus should only be on creating an amazing content because the actual customization involves a simple drag-and-drop process through the PSD file. 

The case for the iPad mockup

What you can really glean from this is that the iPad is a great tool in presenting your digital product or strategy. The device is the perfect middle ground between the iPhone and the MacBook. From the iPad Minis to the iPad Airs, whatever it is, the Apple’s tablet version is just truly remarkable at showcasing digital products and campaigns. So if it works in digital and marketing strategies, the iPad mockup will definitely work in political campaigns.