Showcase Your Mobile Application with iPhone Mockup

When it comes to your mobile application design, nothing showcases it better than an iPhone mockup. It is great when you actually see the product on an iPhone.

Mobile applications are best showcased through an iPhone mockup because it gives a real glimpse of how the digital product will look like when it will be developed. You can build your whole world around the awesome iPhone, which makes it a great device to show off your creativity. What does this mean? It means that you can continue to live a life even with just an iPhone. 

Let’s discuss.

Food, clothing and shelter. Those are the three most important things in a person’s survival. You need a place to stay, you use your iPhone XS to book a place through Airbnb or any of the hotel or inn applications. When you are hungry, you can have your favorite food delivered right at your doorstep with the use of your iPhone 11. And when you want to shop for clothes, you just open an e-commerce site on your iPhone 7 and shop to your heart’s content. Of course all these need money but the main point is that you can do so many things with your iPhone—no matter what model it is. 

With that in mind, you know that the iPhone mockup is the only tool for you to use in order to wow an audience with your professional presentation. The internet is a treasure trove of mockups. If you want high-quality PSD mockup, Ramotion is just the right site for you. The latest lineup comprises 11 high quality mockups in both PSD file and Sketch format. The mockups that use older iPhone models like the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE are on sale at 25% and 50% off, respectively. Among the bestsellers are the iPhone 8 mockup, iPhone PSD mockup and iPhone X clay mockup. The latest iPhones also have their own mockups: iPhone 11 mockup and iPhone 11 Pro mockup. 

iPhone mockup make easy and beautiful presentations

When you are at crunch time, mockups can really save you because they are very easy to customize. Also, there are free mockups on the internet. You have to be careful because if you want to showcase your app design, you should have a great quality mockup. You can’t just download a free PSD mockup on any site because presentation is everything. For great quality products that are for free, the UX Planet is a great source. The website has a collection of 20 free iPhone mockups in both PSD and Sketch formats. The lineup is so versatile—from flat designs to clay and realistic mockups. 

The availability of mockups really makes it easy for designers to prepare professional presentations. In the case of the iPhone mockup, you just have to download the template from your preferred website. After that, you work with the smart layers. As soon as you have identified the layer where you could customize the content, then do so. It is only just a matter of dragging the content to that particular layer and dropping it. Once the content is in place, save the mockup and it is ready to face an audience. 

Now that you know how easy it is to create your own mockup, all you have to do is design the most amazing still for the proposed application. Creating the actual mobile application is going to be really expensive and time-consuming. This is why mockups exist. So you can create a mockup, showcase it to an audience and convince them to support the manufacture of your digital product. When there is support, that is the only time when the mockup will be transformed in to the real deal.  

Designing a mobile application

In order to create a useful mobile application that will serve a whole lot of people, you have to examine the demand. You can’t saturate a market without offering something fresh and innovative. The first step to creating mobile application is to actually identify a business idea. What can you still offer the world? Do we have enough dating apps? If the answer is no, because love is always a welcome aspect of life, then you at least have to create a dating application that is truly different from what people are used to. Is there enough food delivery application? But people eat at least three times a day. So maybe the world will never have enough of this kind of application.

The main point here is that you study the market and the business mode. You can’t just create an app based on a whim. It should be based on a need and demand. When you have identified those, it is time to conceptualize the application. When you do so, you always need to consider the importance of convenience. People rely on apps because it is convenient. So always put premium on user exchange and user interface designs when you create the application. The UI design is something you can truly show off through the iPhone mockup. 


Using photorealistic iPhone mockup entails using real-world images in mockup frames. Unlike the usual mockup that only shows the screen of the iPhone, the photorealistic mockup uses “accessories” to showcase the iPhone in real setting. So the most common frame includes the hands of a person holding an iPhone. When you put a still of our app design on the screen of the phone, it will look like the person is actually navigating your app. 

When you present this kind of mockup, it would be easy for the audience to imagine your application being used in the real world. That will help your tremendously in terms of possibly getting the funds for the development of the app. The iPhone mockup is just the tool that will get you through the door. The actual creation of the mobile application is the real McCoy. 

Mobile application makes life convenient, but you can’t just rely on the notion in order to get your digital product out there. You actually need to turn in something exciting and something fresh. Great apps help businesses and serve a lot of people.  

Modern world

The digital world certainly makes life more exciting and interesting. And because people now have the tools to make life better, there are at least a dozen great ideas for mobile apps every day. But the most amazing ideas don’t always translate well in terms of completion. This is why conceptualizing a mobile application should take time because all bases have to be covered.