Digital Packaging: 4 MacBook Mockup Frames for Designs

If you have digital products, you best package them in a professional and clean manner in order to attract your target market. MacBook mockup is a neat frame! 

Packaging matters.

You buy a product mainly because you need it or you want it. It is the meat of a purchase. But when everything is considered equal, packaging could be the reason why a brand sells its product or not. A bad packaging will definitely make a person turn the other way. This is why companies hire marketing organizations and pay them a lot of money just to craft a really well-made packaging that sells.  

If you look at the biggest brands in the world, none of them have terrible packaging. Some have simple packaging while others are more elaborate. But none are even close to being considered bad. That’s simply because packaging matters.

That is also the case with digital products. You don’t want to showcase products as is. Also, PowerPoint and Slideshow are great for corporate presentations but they will not fly with presentations for digital products. At least, if you want prospective clients to get behind your design projects, then you better be smart about how you present them. Mockup is the best way to go when doing digital presentations. 


If you want high-quality mockups to package your digital presentations, UX Planet is an amazing source. It has free mockups that are available in PSD and Sketch. This makes customization really simple and easy for you. This way, you just have to spend a lot of time creating your design project. Editing the mockup doesn’t take more than an hour. 

There are so many different kinds of mockups available for digital presentations. There is something about the laptop template, though, that will elevate your digital product. This kind of PSD mockup is very versatile. You can use it in various presentations for different kinds of digital outputs. There are also so many different kinds of free MacBook mockups so you have a lot to choose from.  

Here are four digital packaging that can really help you sell your digital products:

1.    MacBook Pro mockup

This is perfect for web designs. If you are creating a design for a company, you are definitely dealing with professionals. This makes the MacBook Pro the appropriate tool to showcase your website design. Okay, this is not about the “Pro” name attached to the device. This is about the power behind Apple’s laptop.

An advantage of the MacBook Pro against the other MacBooks is its brightness. The brightness of the Pro model almost doubles that of the maximum of the MacBook Air. That is pretty impressive! So if you are a designer, this is definitely the laptop of choice. Since you are designing or creating a website, you also want that MacBook Pro reputation to be attached to your design. As mentioned, the mockup is a way to elevate your product. Also, the Pro is available in a 16-inch version with four ports. That only means that MacBook Pro is the granddaddy of all laptops—not just those from Apple. 

Here’s good news for Apple enthusiasts, according to Forbes, there is a powerful update of the MacBook Pro that will make users really happy. 

2.    Devices mockup

This is a perfect mockup to showcase flexibility. So this is called a devices mockup because it typically features all the Apple devices in the frame. So you have the iMac, to demonstrate how your digital product will look on a large screen. There is also the MacBook, to show how the product will be featured in the laptop. The iPad and iPhone demonstrate mobility. These are the products that you can really use while walking or while mobile. So you want to feature your designs on those two devices as well.  

Aside from flexibility, this kind of mockup also makes an implication that your digital product will work well on any Apple device because the iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone all work seamlessly together. Throw in the Apple Watch, too. That is the beauty of the Apple product. You can choose to work on one kind of technology and then continue it on another. Apple ensures that all of its products work seamlessly together through the Cloud option.

3.    MacBook Air mockup

It is called MacBook Air because it is so light it must be air. That sounds a tad too dramatic but this device makes a statement. It doesn’t matter how heavy a device is, it’s about the power that it emits. And there is power in the MacBook Air, no matter how slim it is. Actually, it works just like any of the MacBook models. There are differences on major features but almost all features of the MacBook Pro are present on the MacBook Air. 

Basically, if you are using MacBook Pro to lure tech-heavy industry professionals, the MacBook Air is for the working professionals. The difference is that the Pro is more for the people who work on the tech industry, while the Air model is just for any kind of professional. 

4.    iMac mockup

The iMac mockups are great for showcasing a powerful product like a software. The iMac will certainly work in your favor because it is the most comprehensive computer in the world. The only advantage is that you can’t take it anywhere with you because it’s too bulky. And that is why using is as a tool to showcase software design or development works because it is something that doesn’t need mobility.

MacBook mockup: The ideal package

The ideal package is really what fits your digital product that best. The thing with the MacBook mockup is that it fits with anything. You can use it to showcase a software design, albeit, the iMac mockup is the best tool to do so. The MacBook mockup can also frame your website design or maybe even an app. 

It is so easy to do! You just have to download the PSD file of the mockup template you have chosen to use as your frame. Make sure you download from a credible digital store to ensure that you have a high-resolution package for your presentation. Open the file on your computer using Photoshop or Sketch. Identify your Smart layers so you know where to insert your own design. As soon as you find the layer, choose the Smart Object of the file you have downloaded. Insert your design on the screen of the MacBook through a simple drag-and-drop process. That’s it! Your mockup is done and you are ready to slay your presentation with this amazing digital package.