5 Tricks Website Development Agencies Should Try

The website development agencies should try some tricks to help clients attain dramatic growth and success.


Running a startup company is a great challenge. You don’t know where to start, and you don’t exactly know the process on how to achieve success after a period of time. But good news because there are already available reading materials that can provide clarity to your mind. In this blog, you will be taught about some effective tricks that a web development agency can do for the benefits of your website. By following the essence of these tricks, you are having a great chance to reap tremendous results. 

Choosing one of the website development agencies available today is a daunting task. Of course, you want to avoid failure. The only thing that resides in your mind is to have great success after all. You always think of enjoying good numbers in terms of leads and conversions. And you want to hire a web development firm because of your belief that they can drive you towards success. Well, it’s true that you need to hire an agency more particularly if you’re just a startup. That agency has huge tasks and responsibilities.

Want to primarily know the main key to success? Definitely, it’s about high conversion rates. This is the anchoring idea in this blog post. The tricks are revolving around the concept of conversion. You need the help of a website development agency because you want to have an increased level of conversion. 

Here we go…

#1 Trick: Proposition


Your website must put clarity in terms of value proposition. What does it mean by a value proposition? It is about the main “selling point” of your business. It refers to the branding message that you want people to embrace. A brand message is talking about the holistic idea of your company. Why is your company created? What solutions do you want to provide to the target audiences? These are 2 interrelated questions that intertwine the value proposition. You’re suggesting an idea that people should be able to grasp about your offers.

It is normal to have a tough competition. That is why it is extremely crucial to do business, more particularly if your chosen niche is highly competitive. Whatever the products you’re selling, if you're a startup, having the first round of sales is difficult. You have to have a great selling point. The persuasion aspect of your brand should be great. Otherwise, your startup business can hardly compete in a strong manner. 

In web designs that the website development agencies are focusing, the value proposition should be detailed, easy-to-understand and specific. These are the attributes that should be underscored when selling products through an online store. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, you should still follow this trick.

#2 Trick: Layout

The layout of your website has a major role for success. It must have a high aesthetic value, but don’t forget to keep everything on it as simple as possible. A simple layout can be more attractive to the eyes of the potential users. But of course, you also have to ensure that the layout of your web design is world-class. That is why a web development company should be able to produce a professional and enhanced layout for your ecommerce site.

The other aspects of your website, like the contact information, should be presented in a highly visual place on your site. This is to boost the effectiveness in terms of converting leads into regular customers. Then, you’ll be putting call-to-action in relevant pages. But remember that it is not advisable to have call-to-action texts in all web pages of your website.

#3 Trick: Navigation

The navigation of your website plays a vital function vis-a-vis having a boosted conversion rate. Walking through the different pages should not be a problem to every site visitor. The users should find the navigation easy and comfortable. The performance is measured on this particular aspect.

A great experience is what all users are expecting from you. They want to have a solution to their problems or dilemmas, that’s why they visit your web page. But the moment they’ll feel that the navigation is seemingly problematic, it can lead to displeasure. It’s not good for your site performance level. 

By making people happy with the navigation aspect, you can make it clear to them that you want to provide fulfilment. This must be your intention. You have to make sure that the overall users’ encounter is going to be great and awesome. Failure to comply with this trick can be a cause of an unwanted downfall. If you’re a startup business, you should see to it that you can have the best web development company that can create a web design with a user-focused navigation. 

#4 Trick: Consistency

Having a website reflects branding. You are posting web pages, right? Those pages have content relevant to your branding message. Hence, there must be consistency. Consistency should prevail in everything you do. The web pages have to convey a consistent and relevant message about your brand. 

It is important for you to understand that branding is conveying a message that your company is doing everything to provide solutions to people’s problems. You have products or services. Those are intended to solve the problems that the site visitors are facing. That is why it is vital to present consistency in your overall web design. 

One essential technique to ensure consistency is the use of logo, colors, typography and graphics. They must be consistent from day 1. Don’t try to deviate from the used colors and font size/style because it may have a great adverse impact to your business. On your website should be congruous features about your brand.

#5 Trick: Friendliness

Your web design should be friendly to all users. User friendliness is about having a great experience which is the focal point of digital marketing. You have to make people happy with respect to their needs and demands. If they’re happy, your business is prosperous. But if they’re unhappy, you can lose the game. 

Being friendly does have a lot of implications, by the way. It means mobile friendliness, on the one hand. It implies web design friendliness, on the other hand. The former connotes the essence of having a web design that is friendly to all mobile devices. Take note that mobile marketing has been rigorous these days due to the popularity of Android and iOS mobile devices. The latter is about the overall friendliness of your site template and structure. It must be like this if you want more conversions from the captured leads.

The 5 tricks are already presented. It’s about time for you to start walking through the aisle of success.